When your friends don’t support your business

When your friends don’t support your business

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for this Fran. I get frustrated when people close to me make out I’m being difficult or precious about trying to focus on work/do work for my clients. A certain family member loves to call during the day (because, I’m at home I think she assumes she’s not disturbing me). That same person also told me to “be careful not to get too successful”, because I wouldn’t be able to manage to look after my home, family and business – yes, I nearly threw the phone across the room.
    I know it’s misguided care, and will have a re-read of this post next time I’m feeling irritated by unsupportive friends / family.

    • fran excell says:

      Glad it was useful Laura! Sounds like there needs to be a few boundaries put in place 😉 And when it comes to the ‘too successful’…you best hire a cleaner…maybe even a private chef 😉 Definitely re-read when you’re feeling your blood boil! Fx

  2. Kris says:

    There are 2 sides to every story. I sell professional haircare products from my home. I do not EXPECT any of my friends to support my business. If they do, its a nice added bonus. If they don’t, I do not hold it against them. My friendships are not based on wether my friends support my buisness or not. & It never should be!!!
    Now that being said… I have a friend who started selling a home based product. This friend does not buy professional haircare products from me. But is demanding and basing our friendship, on wether or not I buy solely from her. Infact she even called me a wishy washy friend, because I have bought from her, but I also buy brand new items, for dicounted prices, from other consultants, or at garage sales, or going out of business sales, trade shows, etc. Plus, for the last 10 years, I also already had a consultant that sells this product. My friend becoming a consultant, demanding I buy only from her, and judging my loyalty on wether i buy from only her, has caused a huge burden, strife, drift, weight, on our friendship. Remember she expects me to solely support her business, but does not return the favor. What she is doing and demanding, is NOT right!!
    You should never start a buisness EXPECTING, DEMANDING, that your friends support you. & You should NEVER base your friendships on wether or not your friends support your business. Why?? Because when you do that, you are putting a BURDEN on your friends, and You are not being the good friend. Never Burden or Judge your friendships on wethere a friend supports your business or not. Especially if you are not supporting their business.

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  4. anonymous says:

    or many they’re a type of friend who’s jealous or insecure to your achievement.

  5. Madel Lim says:

    Thank you for giving me a new insight on this. Yes, can be disheartening when friends not only NOT “support” us in the ways we wish they could…but sometimes even campaigning for a competitor. But hey, that’s business! In times like that, I don’t want to waste the opportunity to LEARN if there’s something lacking in my service and also where I can improve on. Cheers! 🙂

    • fran excell says:

      Thanks so much for sharing! Everything is an opportunity to learn, from all sides of the coin 😉

  6. Kat says:

    I like this article and MANY people starting their own home business, especially a business that involves skincare products, beauty products, or haircare products. People are quick to get upset because their friends and/or family do not purchase or post what they are selling. They are quick to call people jealous or haters because they do not buy or post, which is absolutely disgusting to me. Just because I have go to products that I love to buy does not mean I am hating on your business. Just because I read what is in your products as I do with others and choose others, does not mean I want you to fail. Just how I bypass hundreds of products that I am NOT interested, I am bypassing what you are selling because it’s not what I want. People cannot be mad at friends and family for not buying from them. Then they say “you haven’t tried it yet.” Well there are hundreds or thousands of products I haven’t tried because it didn’t interest me. Some people buy their products from other companies and resell in their online store and be upset that you don’t want it. Then the posting is like I read somewhere here and elsewhere, it’s not authentic so who wants to do that? It is absolutely not hating or jealousy. I can have supporting conversations with these very “friends” and be proud and mention it and just push them but that isn’t the support they want. Some people want something cheaper than what they friends have and that’s hating lol, my goodness the list goes on. I will purchase from a friend if the items they are selling are really something I want, like really! If they made something from scratch, and it’s interesting and I want to try it, yes I will buy it if it is something useful for me. I think more of these home base business folks need to understand this! Supporting is not buying and posting! I buy from unknown home based businesses and if it’s a really great product and does what it says, I’m telling the world. I’m not reviewing something that does nothing for me.

  7. josh says:

    amazing content..wow!!

  8. Jaymee says:

    I am so happy I found this podcast. I have been going through a really hard time because of how hard I’ve worked to build a brand and start a boutique and I have had ZERO support from those who I thought were the closest people in my life. They make me promises and never EVER keep them. Simply about just telling people about my shop or even as SIMPLE as a just a follow on social media and it has hurt me to my core. My own mother makes fun of me with the same jokes everytime. It feels lonely. I am going for my dreams because I have to. This is a time where I know I can do this but it does feel lonely. This podcast has given me a new perspective and I know I can succeed, I just need to find my people and it is very hard. Thank you, Fran!

  9. cb says:

    This article was very helpful, it’s true those that are close to me do not halfto support my business. I’ts very hurtful and I am trying to keep myself focused on the people that are my customers. When I sent my friends family and coworkers the introduction to my business, some didn’t bother to say congrats, nothing. Knowing it had been a labor of love. Like you said it has everything to do with them.

  10. Sophie says:

    This is exactly what I needed to ready today! I am a designer/product maker and have a lot of friends who support random businesses on Etsy instead of me, when I can create and produce the same things! I’ve never understood it and it sucks! I’ve been friends with them for 8 years and I swear they still don’t know what I actually do within work/my business. The kicker is, all I hear about is their work at every catch up which I’m happy to listen to (to a point but on average they go on for a few hours) but c’mon.. when will it be my turn? It has made me realise one thing though.. I don’t have the financial security but I can easily say I’m the only one out of my friendship group who is passionate about my work and loves my job!

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