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You started your business to do something you love and have more flexibility but instead, you’re shackled to your desk, doing ALL the things.

You’re taking all the courses, getting distracted by things that won’t increase your bottom line, procrastinating on things that will, stressed and generally feeling like you haven’t “made it”—and never will. Even if you’ve made the holy grail of income goals, those 10K months don’t feel like you thought they would because they’ve come at such a cost: Your freedom. Your self worth. Maybe even your health.

You want the success you know you're capable of, but you don’t know how to get out of your own way.

The good news is: I do—and I promise it won’t be by listening to another “expert” or "guru". It’ll be by figuring out YOU.

Does this sound familiar?

Okay, let’s dive straight in

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The thing no one actually tells you: None of the experts, courses or hustle will work if you don’t know how YOU work at a foundational level. Every individual person brings different unconscious programming to their business, informed by life experiences, beliefs, values and unique personality traits. You have NUANCE! And until you factor that into your business, have the strategy to match that AND rewire what’s not working with curiosity and self-compassion instead of self-judgement—your business won’t be what you want it to be...or what you know in your gut it CAN be!

Factoring YOU into your business


Go from a 'stressed' mindset to a 'success' mindset in 10 minutes flat. Packed with three emotionally-regulating techniques, this isn’t your average relaxation meditation—it’s backed by the same neuroscience I teach my 1:1 clients.


Stressed To Success


Want practical ways to decrease stress and anxiety? I’ve got you. Create that all-important self-awareness, rewire your brain & change your life… in just 5 minutes per day with this journaling 101 guide...even if you hate writing!


How To Journal For The Non 'Dear-Diary' Type


Sick of procrastinating on the things you actually want to do? Want to understand why it’s happening and learn some practical strategies to stop it? Download my FREE guide with 5 simple strategies to stop procrastination in its tracks! Includes bonus workbook.


The Procrastination Buster!

procrastination buster

So you want to understand your enneagram profile so you can figure out why you do what you do and change your life? It can be trickier than it seems.

This guide is an introduction to the Enneagram and how it can do just that! With the most accurate online tests and some seriously handy tips on how to use it you can dig deeper and be on your way to living the life you truly deserve to, with awareness and self-compassion.


Guide To Finding Your Enneagram Number


Take it from these positive pants



“Gathered momentum
I couldn’t before!”


“The cheerleader I’ve needed my whole life!”


“The Mary Poppins of mindset coaching!”


“I feel I have control,that everything is a choice, including how I feel.”


“Gave me back control of my life!”


“Came away from each session believing the impossible is possible!””


“Feeling in control and clear about where I’m going”

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“Rescued me from feeling totally overwhelmed!" 

Go from a stressed mindset to a success mindset in 10 minutes flat. Friendly even for the new meditator, this isn’t your average meditation: It’s packaged with three neuro-regulating techniques to get your brain and body to release stress and ready for success.

Stressed? Try this...


My modalities

You’ll call the shots; I’ll show you how.

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I’m not yet another “expert” for you to listen to without question. I might know a thing or two about neuroscience and the nervous system, but you know YOU. I’m here to help you truly understand yourself, why you do the things you do, why certain things just haven't worked for you and then help you rewire the thoughts and behaviours that have been getting in the way of your success. I’ll hand you the map to your internal world, so you can understand what makes you you—and why that should be fundamental to the way you run your business.

Handing you the map to your own internal world

COACHING: training: MENTORing

- Applied Neuroscience Coaching
- NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
- HeartMath (Including Trauma Sensitive)

- NARM Informed Professional
- Integrative Somatic Parts Work
- EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

- Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy
- The Enneagram
- Attachment Theory

- Positive Psychology
- Emotional Intelligence
- Positive Intelligence

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A 365 page daily journal with a full day per page, including all my tips and tricks for getting the absolute most out of your practice. Undated so you don't beat yourself up when you skip a day!

THE journal for all your gratitude needs, Hooray!

Your very own daily attitude of gratitude!

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My story started a lot like yours: Getting in my own way all too often, whether it was my health, my relationships or my career.

“Not-good-enough” beliefs and self-sabotage hampered my success (and my happiness) on the regular. It wasn’t until I set about figuring out how I ticked as a human and I immersed myself in neuroscience and trauma-informed modalities that I started to grasp how much my own unconscious programming was getting in my way...and that it wasn't my fault!

I set out to make BIG changes—and it eventually became the catalyst for starting my business and learning everything I can to help people like you make big changes, too.

Success mindset mentor and neuroscience nerd…


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If you're ready to stop being ruled by your unconscious programming, listening to your negative self-talk,  “shoulds” and false standards for success, and want to start factoring your uniqueness into your work, book a free consultation. I can’t wait to meet you!

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