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Fast-forward to now and my personal experience has become my professional expertise: I am qualified in over 10 mind and body modalities (and counting), I launched my own app, I am a brand advocate for some of the world’s most advanced wellness tools and technologies, and I host a top 50 business and mindset podcast on iTunes, helping entrepreneurs and executives understand themselves, why they do what they do, stop self-sabotaging behaviours, rewire their brains and nervous systems, and turn their past experiences, present stressors and rock bottoms into catalysts for success, like I did.



The next day found me staring at what was then known as the “self-help” shelf at Waterstones, holding a little book instead. I thought, if I can just read one page and live by what it said for that day, It'll help. Surely I could do that? Little did I know this small act would introduce me to the concept of neuroplasticity, and I would begin to rewire my brain and body one day at a time, shifting my mindset from Eeyore on a bad day to positivity and optimism and helping my nervous system increase its capacity for stress.

Or did I have more control than I thought, could I stop my past experiences and habitual survival strategies from influencing who I was and what I did now?

My 'transformation' started with my version of rock bottom back in 2014 after losing our home.  A lifetime of ‘little t’ traumas, negative thinking and high-functioning anxiety led me to this fun little moment: Day drinking a pint of cider (I'm a country girl, what can I say!) while staring at the prescription I'd just been given and asking myself how I got here and if this was really what I needed.


I’m not another “expert” coach for you to listen to without question. Yes, I know a thing or two about how we tick as humans, neuroscience and the nervous system, BUT you know YOU. I’m here to help you reconnect with the rejected parts of yourself you’ve been ignoring in your life or business that are causing things to not exactly work the way you want them to. I’ll hand you the map to your internal world, so you can understand what makes you YOU—and how that should absolutely inform the way you run your life. It's time for you to call the shots; I’ll show you how.

I found my 'positive pants', so can you!




Are YOU ready?

Education and professional accreditations are no joke in this industry. They’re the difference between a coach that doesn’t truly know how to make a deep, lasting difference in your behaviour patterns, wasting time and money, and the success of your business or career and your own lasting personal transformation. Backed by 10 modalities (and counting), I merge my extensive background in media and marketing with trauma-informed coaching, neuroscience, somatic modalities and much more to help you understand your behaviour, how to change it and make lasting shifts in your mindset to ensure you're at the top of your game.

Where lived experience meets professional expertise


When you’re trying to change old patterns and create new habits? Applied neuroscience shows you how your brain can inadvertently work against you—and how to make it work for you. With a specialism in business & entrepreneurship, this qualification is a game-changer for my clients.

Applied Neuroscience Coaching

Marrying aspects of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), my coaching diploma is accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)—the gold standard for all things coaching—and helps me get to the root of what’s holding you back.

ICF Accredited Transformational Coach

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is like the language of your mind. It enables me to recognise the language you use every day that could be blocking you from what you want. We reframe the beliefs behind this language (and the language itself) to start shifting your blocks.

Certified NLP Practitioner

An emotional regulation tool, HeartMath enhances coherence between your physical, mental and emotional states, increasing your capacity to handle stress. With an extended trauma-sensitive qualification, I can help you when trauma-related stress is triggered.

Licensed HeartMath Coach

Working within the Internal Family Systems (IFS) framework, Integrative Somatic Parts Work allows me to see the heart of the matter—the experiences, thoughts and behaviours that are keeping you stuck—so we can discover the practice that will help you heal mind and body.

Certified in Integrative Somatic Parts Work

Attachment Theory theorises that we all developed an attachment style in childhood. By identifying your attachment style, we can identify problematic behaviour in your business and life (like always thinking your clients are unhappy whenever they contact you).

Attachment Theory

The Enneagram is a game-changer in identifying your unconscious programming. Unlike typical personality profiles, your Enneagram number will never change—it's also about unconscious motivations and how that shows up in behaviour.

The Enneagram

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is our capacity to express our emotions with control. Regulating your emotions is essential in business (and life). In tandem with other tools, EQ can stop you from repressing unwanted emotions and learn how to respond rather than react.

Emotional Intelligence

Positive Intelligence, or PQ, is about mental fitness—specifically how we sabotage ourselves, thanks to PQ’s nine saboteurs. It increases our awareness of self-sabotaging behaviour and shows us how to stop sabotaging ourselves with “PQ reps”—mindfulness-based exercises.

Positive Intelligence

Positive Psychology focuses on strengths over weaknesses and how to get going when the going gets tough. Journaling prompts known as “positive psychology interventions” interrupt negative thought patterns and teach us how to create a positive state at will.

Positive Psychology

It’s no surprise my education started in the study of how media shapes society and our unconscious programming. Followed by 15 years’ experience in media and advertising working with brands like Jaguar, I know business as well as I know psychology and neuroscience.

BSC in Sociology, Communications & Media

Sarah Shaw

Fran is a fountain of knowledge and within minutes she can sense what’s going on with you and how to work to fix it. Most days were a rush to get everything done, but the list never ended. Other days, I just wanted to curl up in a ball. Now, I’m able to manage my time more effectively. I know not to overload myself, when to call it a day, and how to be kinder to myself.

“Fran is a fountain of knowledge and within minutes she can sense what’s going on with you.”

Victoria Rose

She is straight-talking, compassionate and dependable. If you’re unsure whether or not you need a mindset coach, I have only one suggestion: Work with her because I can guarantee that your only regret will be that you didn’t find her sooner.

"Without Fran I would have quit my business and spent the rest of my life miserably wishing for more!"


Fran has so much knowledge about business, from mindset coaching to business strategy, plus tried-and-tested practical recommendations (apps to use, platforms she likes, books to read). I devoured everything that was shared with me to start building the foundations of my business.

“Fran has so much knowledge about business, from mindset coaching to business strategy.”

Take it from these happy clients


Want practical ways to decrease stress and anxiety? Increase confidence and self esteem? Move forwards from what’s holding you back? I’ve got you. Create that all important self awareness, rewire your brain & change your life… in just 5 minutes per day with this journaling 101 guide.

How to journal, for the non ‘Dear-Diary’ type.

FREE journal 101 guide

I have an enviable collection of loungewear and woolly socks because I’m literally always cold. Cosiness is life.


I adore singing. Give me a Disney soundtrack, show tune or power ballad and just wait for the solo show.


It's legitimately fun for me to help brands and businesses grow and see where cash is being left on the table. I probably should get out more.


I am certifiably obsessed with dogs—specifically Milo, my rescue boggle (a boxer-beagle cross). 


I take my work very seriously, but myself...not so much! I'm a massive kid at heart.


I’m a massive kid at heart.

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