So, you’ve been in your career, or in business for yourself long enough to know what burnout feels like. You work hard to take your success to the next level—maybe too hard. You can’t count the number of weekends you’ve worked or the number of plans you’ve cancelled because you just don’t know how to do things without the hard work and hustle. All the balance!

You know you need to learn how to manage stress without working more—but you also need to learn how to manage your professional life without compromising your personal life.

That happens to be my superpower!

It’s time we chat


You’re starting to question if success is even meant for you

You want a mentor who can hack your brain to personalise solutions to you

You wish you knew how to make your business a living embodiment of your values

You’ve modelled your business after “expert” advice and external validation

You don’t feel clear on what you want for yourself or your business and/or career

You know the emotional roller coaster is impacting your  productivity and clarity

You feel overworked but work MORE to in the name of “success”

Honesty time, is this YOU?



We can’t know what we want for ourselves or our businesses if we don’t ask the question. So, I’m asking it: What do you want? Imagine knowing what you want without question. Knowing what you value and how to integrate those values in your business. Imagine your business embodying you versus the “experts”. Imagine it working hard for you, so you don’t have to work so hard for it. When we factor ourselves into our businesses—our experiences, beliefs and values—we can embrace what’s working, rewire what’s not, and build a less stressful, more successful business. You with me?

Make your business embody your values and vision for your future



Book a consultation

- Choose between 4- or 8-hours
- 1/2 day from 1:30 to 5:30 in London or Kent, UK or online
- Full day from 9.30-5.30 in London or Kent, UK or online
- Optional: Break up your VIP Day into 1-hour sessions
- Get personalised, practical solutions for your business
- Meeting in person? Food and fizz is on me.

What’s included:

Hosted online or in person in London or Eastwell Manor in Kent, half- and full-VIP Days are intensive sessions to workshop what’s working in your business and what’s not. We’ll take apart your business and put it back together in a way that honours YOU.  You bring the questions, I’ll bring the snacks. You can also break up your VIP Day into mini sessions instead, just ask.

From £1,850 - £3500

VIP Days


I’m not just another “expert” underqualified coach for you to listen to without question. Sure, I know a thing or two about neuroscience, but you know you. I’m here to help you reconnect with the parts of yourself you’ve been ignoring in your business. Working one on one, I’ll hand you the map to your internal world, so you can remember what makes you you—and how that should inform the way you run your business. You’ll call the shots; I’ll show you how.

Let’s reconnect you with YOU



Book a consultation

- A 90-minute intensive call every month
- Unlimited access to me via the Voxer app
- Accountability check-ins on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
- Personalised, practical solutions for your business
- Tools and techniques for rewiring the stress response
- A 6 month subscription to The Positive Pants Toolkit app
- £400 of wellness tech to support your brain and body
- Access to my SOS! Success Over Stress online course recording

What’s included:

Hosted online, my six-month coaching package is for women who are ready to do the work and experience transformational shifts in their mindsets, stress levels and success. We’ll tackle it all, from your brain and nervous system’s response to stress, the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, and the vision for your future, integrating more of you into your business.


6-Month Coaching Package



Before my afternoon with Fran, I was feeling overwhelmed, going after every opportunity that came along. I couldn’t see the wood for the trees! Fran gave me the clarity I needed: I now have the direction for my new business mapped out, I’m clear on my purpose, I have a plan to manage my time in alignment with my lifestyle goals, and my mind feels so much more at ease.

“I now have the direction for my new business mapped out & I’m clear on my purpose.”


What wasn’t I struggling with before working with Fran! I didn’t know how to be kind to myself, and I didn’t realise how much power I had over my thoughts. I don’t think I would have had the strength to carry on in my business without Fran. She helped me work out what I was really passionate about and gave me the confidence to go for it.

“I don’t think I would have had the strength to carry on in my business without Fran.”


I lacked the framework to figure out who I want to be and the legacy I want to leave. Thanks to Fran, I figured out who I am at the core of my soul—the thread that runs through everything I’ve ever enjoyed doing in my life. I’m walking my soul path, and my life has completely changed! You deserve to live the life you dream of, and Fran can help you make it a reality

“Thanks to Fran, I figured out who I am at the core of my soul...”

Sarah Leonie

Her no-nonsense approach was really great for me, and she helped me dig right to the cause of my struggles to start changing how I was thinking. I had some hugely important mindset shifts while working with her, and I’ve overall become a lot more conscious of my thoughts—especially how I talk to myself.

“Working with Fran was incredible!”

Caroline Carlsen

She has called me out on a lot of BS! I have completely overcome my fear of getting visible and feeling like I wasn't good enough for my clients. As a result, I feel much more confident selling. I'm happier, I appreciate life more, and I'm a lot more patient with myself and my business.

“My four months of coaching with Fran have literally been life-changing.”

Take it from these positive pants


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Ready to stop listening to your negative self-talk and the industry’s “experts,” “shoulds” and standards for success, and start factoring you into your business, book a free consultation. I can’t wait.

Ready to factor YOU into your business?

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