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So, you’re feeling stressed in your business, on an emotional rollercoaster you can’t seem to get yourself off. You know you’re doing it to yourself, self-sabotaging by scrolling Instagram and calling it “work”, taking ANOTHER course, or getting distracted by a new business idea when you haven’t even played out your last genius idea yet.

You’re not where you want to be, but you also don’t know how to get off the rollercoaster and back in control.

Whether it’s the time or money, you don’t have the capacity to invest in a 1:1 coach or big programme, but you know you want help. I feel you!

Let’s take a minute

Okay, let’s dive straight in

It's not your fault! There's nothing wrong with you and you don't need 'fixing'.  You just need to learn 'how to human'

You're questioning whether business and success is even POSSIBLE for you!

You’re annoyed with yourself and constantly beating yourself up in your own noggin because KNOW you’re capable of more

You feel like you've taken ALL the courses and listened to ALL the experts, but their “proven systems” just haven’t worked for you yet

You're in constant comparison mode to the people you see on social media

You procrastinate on taking action towards the success you want and KNOW deep down, you can have!

You CONSTANTLY doubt yourself and your decisions

You’re TIRED of being on a never-ending emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs

Honesty time, is this YOU?


I want in! Sign Me Up! monthly £9.99

Only £9.99 per month!

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Imagine a day when you wake up clear and confident in what you need to do in your business—without investing in another course or “expert”. A day when you take things in your stride and keep your eyes in your OWN lane because you know your business isn’t like anyone else’s because YOU aren’t like anyone else. You’re unique, shaped by your past experiences, beliefs and behaviours. And you’re ready to run your business in a way that actually takes that into account. You’re ready to be successful on your terms. Success IS meant for you—you just have to define it for yourself and learn how you tick as a human and how to navigate your unique brain and nervous system.

Learn how to manage stress AND set yourself up for success

Where do I come in and HOW I CAN HELP YOU?

If I can do it, so can you


I get it: I’ve been where you are right now, confused about how to run the business you want with all the MULTIPLE mindset gremlins you're dealing with on a daily basis!  I can tell you from been there, done that, got the t-shirt experience and all my professional study: You CAN'T run the business you want until you factor YOU into it with curiosity and self-compassion. Your unique set of experiences, beliefs , wiring and behaviours. Your mindset. With a blend of neuroscience, brain training and trauma-informed brain and body modalities, we’ll rewire your brain and nervous system and help you build a business that really puts YOU at the heart of it.

Your success mindset mentor

WHY I'M up to the job

I want in! Sign Me Up! monthly £9.99

Only £9.99 per month!

Cancel anytime monthly


Free cancellation anytime, no questions asked.

Inform new app features and updates based on what you need. It's led by YOU with content updated monthly.

Early access & discounts on my other products & services plus my recommended personal favourite well being products.

A community channel directly in the app where you can measure your progress and use the prompts.

A monthly round up email straight to your inbox full of inspiration and motivation.

A mix of audio, video and PDF files to support how you learn and retain information, we're all different right!

Monthly book club. My personal & professional recommendations to keep learning & improving.

Curated podcast episodes categorised for your specific blocks so you can go a little deeper & understand why they might be showing up for you!

An app FULL of tools & techniques to use in the moment to manage stress & quit self-sabotaging behaviour. Meditations, tapping, journaling prompts & so much more plus the ability to track progress!

Your monthly subscription includes:

Designed with BUSY people in mind, The Positive Pants Toolkit app is your insider access to the same tools and techniques I use with my 1:1 clients—for a fraction of the price. Keep me in your back pocket (quite literally) for when those moments of stress and self-sabotage hit, so we can work through them together. Just search by the block you’re facing for recommendations on what to do. With regular use, you’ll start rewiring your brain and nervous system so they stop getting in your way and start working for you.

Introducing The Positive Pants Toolkit App

The app


“Can I just say...i'm LOVING the toolkit!"


“I've been waiting patiently and you didn't disappoint! It's an amazing membership!”


“OMG I LOVE it, it's beautiful and practical all at the same time!”


“Gave me back
control of my life!”


“Came away from each session believing the impossible is possible!”


“Gathered momentum
I couldn’t before!”

Take it from these positive pants


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