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Rewire your brain and body for lasting resilience to stress


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I get it: Entrepreneurship is an emotional rollercoaster. You’re overbooked, then you’re underbooked. A client praises you, then a client criticises you. One minute you’re high, the next minute you’re low—and you’re tired of the ups and downs.

You know business will always have its ups and downs, but you don’t want to go up and down with them.

You want to find emotional stability, to be the calm in the storm, so when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan, you’re unflustered. The picture of self-control. You can do it, and I’ll show you how.

It’s not a linear process

Can we just agree

You want a daily routine that supports your business and your health

You need tools and techniques for de-stressing in high-stress situations

You want to be able to handle rejection and resentment head-on

You procrastinate and distract yourself to avoid your feelings

You know the emotional roller coaster is impacting your productivity

You handle stressful situations by getting MORE stressed

You feel overworked and overwhelmed in your business

Do ANY of these resonate with you?

sound familiar


Imagine a day when you wake up without anxiety. You feel calm and confident, at the ready to handle whatever your day throws at you. You’re self-aware. You notice feelings when they surface, and you don’t suppress them—you welcome them. You feel them and you process them, so you can get down to the dirty work of taking care of business, unencumbered by stressful thoughts or self-sabotaging behaviours. You’re a different woman, unruffled by day-to-day dramas (and compassionate on the rare occasions you are).

You know yourself and what you need to feel balanced.

Learn how to manage stress AND set yourself up for success


This isn’t just about learning; it’s about integrating what you learn so you can start to experience results—and measure them with biofeedback.

x2 Integration Weeks

Nourishing our bodies is just as important as our brains. Working with a naturopath, you’ll learn what to do (and what not to do) to enhance your resilience to stress.


Understanding your attachment style will give you insights into why you react the way you do in stressful situations.

Attachment Styles

By understanding your nervous system, you can learn how to create a sense of safety in stressful situations.

Decoding The Nervous System

Emotions drive our behaviour, so learning how to regulate our emotions is one of the most important life skills we can learn.

Decoding Emotions

To get a handle on stress, we need to understand what’s happening to our brains and bodies when we feel stressed.

Decoding Stress

We can’t change if we aren’t aware. In Module 1, we’ll talk about the foundation of change: creating self-awareness.

Creating Awareness

The course modules:

The SOS! Success Over Stress course is the secret to regulating your emotions and responding to stress with mastery and self-compassion. Packed with the same tools and techniques I use with my 1:1 clients, SOS is an eight-week, live online programme that teaches you the ins and outs of my signature NICER framework, so you can get to the root cause of self-limiting behaviour and create change for good. In addition to six modules of life-changing content, you get direct access to me, too. Consider all of your questions answered.

Get off the emotional rollercoaster



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Before SOS!, I felt stressed and overwhelmed across all areas of my life, struggling to spin all the plates. The wealth of knowledge, a-ha moments and tools SOS! provides really help you work with how you’re feeling in the moment and support you to move through it. Now, I feel I have control and that everything is a choice, including how I feel.

“Now, I feel I have control and that everything is a choice, including how I feel.”


On the surface, I was successful, my business was growing, and I was getting to do what I loved, but my mindset was completely holding me back. SOS! made me realise I’m 100% not the only who feels like this. It felt like having my own mindset coach in my back pocket I could just reach out to whenever. And the best thing is I still have access to that toolkit now.

“SOS! made me realise I’m 100% not the only who feels like this.”


 As an entrepreneur, I knew things were unlikely to calm down, so I needed to develop coping strategies ASAP. I threw myself into trying all of the techniques Fran gave us. My panic attacks have stopped 100% because I can understand the signs and react before anything goes too far.

“Before SOS!, I would get panic attacks and anxiety.”

Take it from these positive pants



I’m ready to get on
the waitlist 


coming soon

I want the payment plan:£399 x 3


Coming Soon

I’m ready to join for
just £1,197


Six weeks of live virtual coaching and Q&A (£2,100)

Recordings of all coaching and Q&A sessions

Two weeks of implementation with Q&A (£1,400)

Facebook community access (£700)

HeartMath HRV biofeedback monitor (£188)

Optional accountability buddy for extra support

Lifetime access to all content (Priceless)

Value of what you get in the course

Eight years of professional study and personal experience have culminated in my signature NICER framework and this six-module, eight-week course: The most transformational tools and techniques I know for changing your mindset, so you can change your behaviour. Release the stress and become the most successful version of yourself.

Unlimited access to my most transformational tools and techniques


If you work your way through all six modules and eight weeks of programming (and you've shown up live and have the completed homework to prove it!), and you haven’t experienced a shift in your stress levels, I’ll refund your money, no questions asked. That’s how much I believe in this work and the results you can expect from applying it to your own life. But be sure: You have to apply it. Learning isn’t the same as integrating, and you’ll never see the results you want if you don’t integrate what you learn. If you’re ready to shift from stressed to success, I’m here to show you how.

MY GUARANTEE: Experience a shift or your money back

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