Journaling When You Hate Writing

Journaling When You Hate Writing

  1. mailcybergwen says:

    I started a bullet journal this year, however, I’ve broken many of the rules, which are fairly basic, and I’m loving it. My schedule isn’t busy enough for a daily list and I kicked those dots, merging, and most color schemes to the curb. I glued one page for the month of January with the page next to it as a sort of total list of to-dos and needs and have used other pages to track things like mood, sleep times, lists of books read that month, a gratitude list, and brainstorming to try to and build goals, which are my bugaboo. I have kept an index on the back few pages so that I can easily find the moods, sleep, book lists, etc later.

    For February, I’m not only getting more comfortable not using pre-bought pages and my glue stick, but I know that I’m busier, so I used the dots and a ruler to make my own two-page month and one page for each week. I’m also trying to create a sort of merge of journal and planner by intermixing journaling, planning and specific journals, like yours, into the one smallish book that is easy to carry with me and find around the house. The idea of having multiple journals was bugging me and my goal is no longer to have a pour it all out journal like I had in my younger years, so I think it will work, eventually, once I get a system of sorts and really get a hold on what I need to track/journal about versus what everyone else is doing and every idea I’m seeing.

    I don’t use the “keys or legends” like you hear about or see. I let it flow as needed. While they are beautiful, I’m starting to pull away from pre-made designs that I’ve picked up on Etsy. One, because the journal I chose is from Public-Supply that gives back to schools and is in between typical sizes and cutting and pasting every page was going to create a monster and kill more trees for no reason.

    With all this, I’m trying to say that it is less technical and more creative than you might assume and a big help compared to having multiple binders/planners that I had going in the past. Admittedly, I still have binders for my various crafts stuff and herbal education things, that’s just how I file things though and aren’t accessed daily nor do I need them with me all the time.

    I was using Evernote and loved that until I could no longer afford the extra $ to have it accessible on all of my devices. I still use that to save and store recipes, craft instructions, book highlights, etc. That program is amazing for that! It’s like an idea file cabinet that is always sorted for you and easily indexed, even with the free version.

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